Profile of Irina Plaksina

My name is Irina.
I'm glad to see you in my store! I work and live in the beautiful city of Kharkov, Ukraine.
I got acquainted with the art of felting in 2014, and since then I have created authorial animalistic inner toys made from natural wool and felt.
I recently immersed myself in the world of Teddy Bears and mastered the work with a vintage plush, so among my toy children you can also meet teddy bears in the style of vintage / torture.
All my works are made of high-quality natural and environmentally friendly materials. They are made for you with love and temptation. Every single toy of my products is an exclusive one-of-a-kind work. Each toy has its own mood and character, part of my love and soul. That's why I do not make repetitions and exact copies of my works.
I thank you for your attention to my shop and my toys, because it inspires me and gives me the opportunity to please you with new works!

Every product of my store is unique.
I do not make exact copies and repetitions.
My toys are not meant for children.
My toys are made for admiration and private collections.
Each toy has its own passport (COA).

I do not make toys for the order.
I sell only completed works.
It's nice to get acquainted with BEAR CENTER!
Best regards, Irina
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